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It’s time to break through the status quo of health insurance and healthcare!

Who Will This Book Best Serve?

The intended audience for this book are the organizational leaders who are responsible for both the benefits on which their employees depend and the large and ever-increasing benefit budget that, for most companies, ranks in the top two or three line items on the P&L statement.

The strategic insights and innovative strategies are intended for… the C-level executives with the strategic and fiduciary responsibility for the benefits program. The proven techniques are intended for the benefits professionals in HR with the operational responsibility to implement and execute the benefits program.

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Breaking Through The Status Quo


Get The Book

The book will be released soon on Amazon. Please watch here for details.

How NextGeneration Benefits Advisers are shattering the status quo in both benefits and healthcare (Chapters 1 & 2)

The NextGeneration Benefits mindset that will allow you to break through your own benefits status quo (Chapters 4, 10, 13 & 16);

Why it’s critical (and how) to ensure your benefit adviser’s incentives are aligned with yours (Chapter 3);

How “best practices” in benefits and healthcare are failing you and your benefits budget (Chapter 12);

Strategies to take control of your benefits plan and budget to reduce costs (Chapters 4, 5, 10, 11, 14 & 15); and

How to identify and select a NextGeneration Benefits Adviser (Chapter 19).

Who Authored Breaking Through The Status Quo?

The visionary NextGeneration Benefits Advisers who have authored this book have committed to breaking through the status quo in both benefits and healthcare and are helping employers across the country provide better benefits AND reduce the cost of those benefits.


These benefits agency leaders, all members of the elite NextGeneration Benefits Network, are among the most innovative, forward-thinking, and effective advisers in the country. They are setting the standard for the industry with their “next practices” that are improving employees’ benefits, engaging and educating employees on those benefits, and containing and reducing healthcare costs to ensure that these benefits are affordable and sustainable for their employer clients.


These pace-setting advisers are also among the most collaborative in the industry, meeting quarterly to share and improve their “next practices” and learn and innovate other strategies and techniques. So it was a natural next step to bring them together to author a collaborative book with their best ideas and strategies to break through the benefits status quo.


These are real world strategies and ideas straight from the trenches, not the half-baked product of ivory-tower thinking and conjecturing. Using the information in this book and working with the authors, employers across the U.S. are improving their benefits offering while cutting costs…something status quo brokers will tell you is impossible. But the authors are doing it every day for their clients.

AIL Press…

AIL Press is the publishing arm of the Association for Insurance Leadership (AIL). The mission of the AIL is to elevate the employee benefits industry, in part by providing and promoting collaboration and thought leadership.


What better way to fulfill the AIL mission than by publishing this remarkable collection of strategic insights, innovative strategies, and effective techniques to improve the quality of employees’ healthcare while reducing the cost of that healthcare for both the employee and the employer. The Association for Insurance Leadership is delighted and honored to present these NextGeneration Benefits strategies and techniques in Breaking Through The Status Quo.